Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Meet Jeremiah - the husband.

Jeremiah is married to Allison, the main character in The Consequence.

He is attractive in a subtle way – his sandy blond hair isn’t long, but is just long enough to peek out from underneath the ball cap he wears when he isn’t working.  He has a tiny dimple on one cheek – when he smiles, and the dimple is revealed, it’s impossible not to smile back at him.

Before meeting Allison, he leaves his parents and three brothers behind in Minnesota for an accounting firm and the promise of more sun in Dallas, Texas.  He’s an accountant because he likes numbers, but what he loves is working with his hands, building, so he volunteers for Habitat for Humanity to satisfy that passion.

He meets Allison after moving into the apartment next door to hers.  He sees her getting out of her car one day, wearing scrubs.  He can't help but take interest in this nurse who is literally the girl next door.  They marry, and have what he believes to be a good marriage.  Life is turning out to be everything he could have hoped for.

Then something happens . . . something that turns everything upside down.

A secret is told – one of betrayal – that was kept hidden for years.

At a time, Allison and Jeremiah’s marriage was one to be envied, but this secret permanently stains the relationship.

Just how damaging will this betrayal be?  Find out how it changes everything for Jeremiah, in The Consequence. 

Until next time . . .