Friday, August 21, 2015

Oh yeah, I am writing a second book. Just slowly.

Last time I updated my blog I was announcing my pregnancy.  Now I write this as I nurse my sweet two week old daughter Marian Grace. Let me tell you, she is an angel baby. We're all completely in love with her.

What prompted me to write tonight was the recent questions from family regarding my book.  I've had a second book in progress for almost two years now.  It is VERY different from my first.  I'm still excited about it and I still know I'll finish writing it. I also know I'll pursue publication again.  Oh, but when those things will happen?  Totally cannot answer that at the moment.

Obviously I'm busy with my children.  It doesn't mean I'm letting writing go, or I want to write any less.  I just understand that while I can always return to my writing, I will not always be able to return to this time with them.  If I've learned anything at all in six and a half years of parenting it is this - time moves quickly.  They're growing every single day, so much, so insanely fast.  I'll blink twice and they will have all inevitably grown up and I won't get these years back.  I'm choosing to put my best and my 100% into being present with my littles before they aren't so little anymore.

So, family, I appreciate the questions about book #2. I know you ask because you care.  And believe me when I say that it will be finished.  I not only plan to finish the work in progress but have ideas for book #3 and book #4.  It is still a dream of mine.  But until those dreams become a reality, I'm busy with a whole other kind of dream.  And honestly, that is okay with me. 
Because.  This.

Until next time...