Thursday, February 27, 2014

Now, meet Timothy.

Timothy is a bit of a mystery, even to those who know him. 

He is quiet and usually only speaks if spoken to.  His voice is deep, but soft.  His facial hair is usually a scruffy mess and he can be seen scratching at his chin and cheek hair as he is thinking.  He has rough, calloused hands and is always wearing work boots and torn jeans.

Timothy looks hard on the outside.  His tall stature and dark features attribute to this.  He always looks serious.  His silence is often mistaken for arrogance and behind his back people have called him uptight and hard to read.

He works very hard.  Before falling in love with Stacey, the main character in Absolved, his life revolves around work and it consumes him.

Stacey gets through to him though.  Her simple beauty and vulnerability attracts Timothy instantly and he feels a great desire to take care of her, to protect her.  He allows himself to fall for her, completely, never looking back.  She becomes his priority.  With her, he is his true self.  Gentle, loving, strong, confident.

He wishes to have a family right away but Stacey is hesitant.  He knows there is a reason why, and knows she is holding back a past secret that is causing her pain.  He loves her so and wants for her to trust him with his past, but he doesn’t ask questions about it.  He wants her to tell him on her time.  He prays to ease the pain she holds inside.  He prays to make her whole.  He prays to be her safe place.  He prays they can have a family.

Timothy is soon to meet some very high highs and very low lows in his marriage to Stacey.  He will also finally learn the hard truth of Stacey’s past.

Timothy is a good man, and an exceptional husband.  I do hope you enjoy getting to know him better as you read Absolved, which will be released by eLectio Publishing in a little over a month.

Until next time…


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meet Susan.

Susan is a divorced, middle-aged mother of one adult daughter. She is a devout Catholic.  She doesn’t believe in divorce.  She hates speaking of her divorce.  She is ashamed of being a divorced woman, even though she had no choice in the matter.

Her daughter was 12 when her husband left.  One week he was the seemingly perfect husband, coming home after work, eating dinner with the family, playing with their daughter.  She thought of herself as blessed to have married such a wonderful man.  She occasionally had a sinking feeling of doubt about his fidelity, as sometimes there were unexplainable absences.  But she ignored them.  Her denial was so great she happily looked the other way, until she couldn’t anymore.  He left her for his mistress, moved out of state, and completely exited the life of Susan and of their daughter, Stacey.

Stacey was the child that Susan had prayed for every day for years.  She was a miracle baby.  Some doctors had told Susan she would never have a child, and if she wanted to be a mother, she would have no option but to adopt.   Susan never stopped believing, never stopped praying, and Stacey entered the world.  She always regretted that she couldn’t give her siblings, but she worked very hard to raise Stacey to be a good, Catholic girl. It was especially hard after her husband’s abandonment, but she put on a strong front and put everything into raising her daughter alone. 

Now, Stacey is grown and no longer at home.  Susan believes she did a good job.  Stacey has made her proud.  She went to college and did well, was able to find a good job shortly after graduating and even found a good man to marry.  Sure, Stacey went through some tough times after her father left.  Susan knew she had a little rebellious phase as a teenager.  But as long as it didn’t affect school, and she was still up and at mass every Sunday with her mother, nothing else mattered.  On the outside, they looked good, and appearances meant everything.

Susan is soon to hear surprising news of the man that left her years ago.  She is also soon to learn that her daughter had a traumatic experience that she knew nothing about.   

Susan is, of course, fictional.  She is the mother of my main character in Absolved.  As I approach the release of my book I hope to introduce you all to some of my characters and I wanted to start with Susan.  I hope you enjoy getting to know her even better as you read my book, which will be available to you on or around April 8th.

This is it for tonight, but I’ll be around again soon to introduce you to Timothy, the husband of my main character.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Short blog post. Because I'm tired.

I haven’t been around lately. I haven’t blogged, haven’t tweeted, and haven’t been updating my facebook author page.  I’ve worked some on the second book, but not as much as I would have liked.  It most definitely isn’t because I don’t want to.  I do.  I really, really do.

The truth is that I’ve been too tired.  Yes, I’m always tired.  I joke about it but it’s a reality.  Having even one child to chase all day will make you tired and I have four.  Being pregnant will make you tired.  I’m chasing four kids and am pregnant.  Add tired to tired and that is how I feel right now.  I can usually do alright, and work through the tired. (Because I truly WANT all of these things that make me tired!) But lately my husband has been working a ton of overtime so I have less help because he is away. 

It is absolutely not my intent to complain about his working so much.  The man actually makes me want to do a better job here.  He works and works, and never complains.  He just says he is grateful to God for the overtime and happy to provide for our family.  Really.  That is the man I married.  He works so much, and lately is working on what should be his time off …. and he is grateful to do it.  I’m so blessed to be his wife. 

I miss writing, but my body is requiring sleep when I can get it.  So I’ve been a little absent.  Now you know why.  It’s temporary of course, after this month the husband should be home more and I will be another month closer to the release of my book so I will have a lot to update everyone on.

So there you have it.  I’m still around, still happily growing my fifth little one and spending my days playing with the four kiddos I have now.  I’m still so excited about the upcoming release of my book.  I want to share these wonderful things with all of you.  So I promise I will return again soon.

Until next time…