Thursday, February 27, 2014

Now, meet Timothy.

Timothy is a bit of a mystery, even to those who know him. 

He is quiet and usually only speaks if spoken to.  His voice is deep, but soft.  His facial hair is usually a scruffy mess and he can be seen scratching at his chin and cheek hair as he is thinking.  He has rough, calloused hands and is always wearing work boots and torn jeans.

Timothy looks hard on the outside.  His tall stature and dark features attribute to this.  He always looks serious.  His silence is often mistaken for arrogance and behind his back people have called him uptight and hard to read.

He works very hard.  Before falling in love with Stacey, the main character in Absolved, his life revolves around work and it consumes him.

Stacey gets through to him though.  Her simple beauty and vulnerability attracts Timothy instantly and he feels a great desire to take care of her, to protect her.  He allows himself to fall for her, completely, never looking back.  She becomes his priority.  With her, he is his true self.  Gentle, loving, strong, confident.

He wishes to have a family right away but Stacey is hesitant.  He knows there is a reason why, and knows she is holding back a past secret that is causing her pain.  He loves her so and wants for her to trust him with his past, but he doesn’t ask questions about it.  He wants her to tell him on her time.  He prays to ease the pain she holds inside.  He prays to make her whole.  He prays to be her safe place.  He prays they can have a family.

Timothy is soon to meet some very high highs and very low lows in his marriage to Stacey.  He will also finally learn the hard truth of Stacey’s past.

Timothy is a good man, and an exceptional husband.  I do hope you enjoy getting to know him better as you read Absolved, which will be released by eLectio Publishing in a little over a month.

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