Monday, November 14, 2016

Meet Allison, the protagonist who tends to be her own antagonist.

Allison Clark is a girl who is accustomed to getting what she wants.  An only child to two parents who give her everything, she drives the car she wants, goes to the college she wants, and even gets the pure-bred puppy she wants after she graduates from nursing school.

What she doesn’t want is a jealous, controlling boyfriend – so when she finds herself in a relationship with one, she ends it.  She doesn’t need a relationship, she thinks.  She has a comfortable life without one.  Until she meets Jeremiah, the new guy in the apartment next to hers.  He’s perfect.  She can’t keep away from him.  The attraction between them is unlike anything Allison has experienced before, and in what feels like a whirlwind, the two of them are engaged to be married.

Allison’s relationship with Jeremiah had the potential to be a fairy-tale.  But Allison, with her self-regard a little too high, doesn't quite realize the damage she is capable of when putting her own selfish desires before the love of her life.  Find out just how much damage she causes, in the Consequence, available November 29th!
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