Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still alive, still (kind of) working.

Occasionally writing these days.  Mostly am being a wife, a Mom, a student and a pregnant lazy person...  meaning I'm taking more naps than usual and eating more than I should.  Eh.  Pregnancy doesn't last forever. 

Sometimes I sit down to write and everything flows and I'm smiling and it's wonderful.  Other times I don't even want to open up the lap top, I just want to eat and go to bed.

But I will continue.  I hope I look back on these slow writing days and laugh.  I hope one day I have the time and energy to sit for three hours or more without interruptions or fatigue and just put words on pages. 

For now, I will chip away at the book and continue to spend most of my energy being a wife and mom.  I know I will never regret giving them the best of me, and I know they love me for it.

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