Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blogging to blog.

My first published book will be released in a little less than three months.  Not much is happening with it on my end at the moment.  I did finally send in acknowledgements for the book to my publisher.  They’re very short and simple.  And, while I wait for word for them on edits they would like for me to make, I read online about book marketing. 

There is a lot of advice out there.  “Use social media!”  Yes.  I have set up a Twitter Account, a Facebook Page and have a profile on GoodReads.  “Blog!” Okay.  I have this little blog set up that I actually showed to absolutely no one – seriously, no one – until I had a contract coming in for my book to be published.  I started the blog originally so that there was some proof out there somewhere that I had a desire to finish a book and an even bigger desire to have it published. Now, I am finding that I do want to share more, but this isn’t always easy for me.  This whole writing thing can be so very personal and I’ve just wanted to keep it hidden away to protect myself.  But I can’t do that if I actually want to sell my work.

So here I am, following advice, writing a new blog post.  Blogging for the sake of blogging. 

Another hindrance from updating my blog is time.  I have little time to myself.  This is because I have a four year old, three year old, two year old, and almost one year old.  My time to write begins when they are all down for the night.  I’m almost 16,000 words in to my second book, and when I have the time, I want to work on that.  Updating this blog takes away from my new book so I am reluctant to do it. I can be stubborn like that sometimes.  I have to let that go and dedicate some blogging time, maybe even just once a week so that I can keep this thing current. 

I really should also blog about my kids.  They are quite entertaining.  People look at my husband and I like we’re crazy for having so many little ones, all so close in age.  And it is crazy a lot of the time.  But it is so, so, so good.  So good.  I need to somehow find the words to describe just how good it is.  I’ve always been a writer.  Always.  Since I learned how to write.  I don’t know that I necessarily have a great talent for it, but I’ve had a desire to do it.  But mothering….that is what God put me here for.  It is my greatest privilege and not a day goes by in which I do not thank God for the children I’ve been given. 

For now... the itch to work on the new book is setting in.  I’m going to get to that now before I’m too tired to do anything else.

Until next time…

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