Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm squeezing in time for a blog post!

As I write it is 10:40 am.  I am standing, using my kitchen counter to scribble these words on a page of an old notebook.  My two boys are napping.  My three girls are crawling around pretending to be alligators.  Before that they were hiding “treasure” (a collection of rocks in an empty baby wipes box) and I had the job of drawing a map using a crayon to find the said treasure.  They’ve been watching a lot of Jake and the Pirates lately.


Now I am making time to write a blog post.  I haven’t written much lately and I miss it.  I’ve been praying that God will give me the time to do this, all the while thanking Him for these children that keep me too busy for much else.


I’ve heard of women explaining their child rearing years as a period of putting their dreams on hold.  I don’t exactly feel that way although my writing definitely sits on the back burner at all times.  The truth for me is that mothering is a dream in itself, and the most profound role I’ve had.  I’ve said it before and will continue to say that raising kids is the greatest adventure.  Sure, it’s hard.  Really hard at times.  But there is so much love in every day and I’m always in disbelief of how very blessed I am.


Ah, but the itch to write is still there.  So here I am.  You know the thing that really pushed me to make this time today?  A blog comment I received.  I do not push this blog, or my book, on anyone.  I should, but do not ever mention that I even write at all.  But the comment I received today thanked me for sharing my life on this blog and it made me want to share more.  To whomever you are, thank you for motivating me today.


A couple of quick updates on my author life before I get back to the kids:  my second book is still in progress.  Slowly, but surely, I am getting work done on it and intend to finish within the year.  I have a new idea actually for my ending, one that I hadn’t originally planned on.  These kind of changes surprise me sometimes and make the writing all the more enjoyable.  My published book, Absolved, is still out there of course and people are still buying.  I am occasionally getting feedback and it always feels amazing when someone tells me they enjoyed it.  Many of you know this, but I prayed for God’s will with my writing when I began work on Absolved.  I know my prayer was answered, because of some of the feedback I’ve received.  To God be the glory for that.


I really have to wrap this up now.  I pray for all who are reading to be blessed in a big way today!


Until next time…


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