Thursday, October 16, 2014

I do apologize for the appearance of my blog.

One of these days I’ll have a better looking blog.  I’ll also add to it more frequently.  I’m quite sure of this, however I cannot say exactly how much more time will pass before these things happen.  Just letting anyone reading know that I am aware of the fact that I need to work on the said items, and then some.
But, you know, busy. Five kids busy. Five kids under the age of six busy.  With school, pre-school, t-ball, soccer, religious education, husband is a cop that works all.the.time. busy.  ALL GOOD THINGS however.  I need to point out that despite the busy, we’re happy and grateful for these things that take up our time.  I’ll say it again and again, I’m blessed and I know it.
Oh, but I do really want to finish my second book.  I also want to pursue getting it published.  Which in reality is silly, because I never market the first book I had published.  What is with that?  Makes no sense, but I have the toughest time telling people about the book.  I get all shy and weird.  Can another author that is crazy like me please explain this? I simply do not understand.  But the desire to write is there, I can’t deny that.  So despite the busy, I want to make this happen, and believe I can.  I want to finish ‘The Consequence’ and get it out there.  I have an idea for my third book, and for my fourth.  I get excited thinking about them.  My prayer is I’ll look back on this little blog in a couple of decades and thank my busy-with-little-kids self for not giving up because I’ll have at least a few published books out there. 
In the meantime, anyone know of a professional that can market my book for free?  Or another that can re-design my blog for free?  No?  Thought I’d ask, just in case.  J
Until next time…

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