Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Consequence character intro - Meet Billy, the ex.

Billy Stone tends to command the attention of any room he enters.  It isn’t intentional on his part, necessarily.  But he’s good-looking.  For one, the guy is fit.  He looks like a walking, talking cover of Men’s Health Magazine.  But that isn’t even the main thing.  The main thing is, he has these piercing, ice-blue eyes that contrast with his jet black hair in the best possible way.

He could have any girl he wanted, and he did, for a while.  He played the game, dated around, avoiding serious relationships. Until Allison.

Allison was different.  She wasn’t as insecure as the girls he normally dated.  She seemed sure of what she wanted, and though she wanted Billy, she surely didn’t need him.

He began to need her.  And after he had her, he wanted her to himself, unwilling even to accept her friendships with other males.

His jealousy got out of control, and ended their relationship.  But he couldn’t stay away for too long . . .

Until next time . . .

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