Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top 3 reasons I LOVE my publisher

Hello, January! Hello 2017! I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions, but I DO want to be better about seeing and acknowledging the things in my life I am grateful for.  I’m starting now with a blog post explaining the reasons why I am grateful for my publisher, eLectio Publishing.  (I know what you’re thinking – ‘you love them because they said yes to your manuscripts!’ – but actually, there is more . . . )

1.        They’re faith-based.  As directly stated on their website ( they are “First and foremost a Christian publisher.”  Does this mean that they only accept manuscripts from Christian authors? No, it doesn’t! Does this mean that they only accept manuscripts that are Christian works? Again, no. It DOES mean that they are a Christian company that seeks to put God first and seeks to put out wholesome books.  You won’t find a garbage book from this publisher.  It’s refreshing to be associated with a press whose CEO and COO have unwavering values.

2.       They’re a small press – so it’s personal.  I shared a blog post a long while ago with the benefits of a publishing house such as eLectio - - and I have to tell you my own experience has been nice, to say the very least. Last March, eLectio held their first author’s conference. At the time I still had a nursing baby and thought there was no way a baby would be permitted at an author’s conference, therefore there was no way I was going to attend.  I mustered up the courage to ask if I could bring her, and to my pleasant surprise, the CEO said YES.  My 7-month-old was in tow as I sat listening to the speakers, and as I talked with other authors in our small-group activities.  Even better than that – she was welcomed. The COO gave her the title of ‘future eLectio author’ and everyone in attendance at the conference was so sweet to my baby.  That experience really made me feel like I was more than just an author at a conference. It made me feel like I was a part of a family, the eLectio family.

3.       They publish books that I love! I have collected some books put out by eLectio. 
What you cannot see in this photo are the titles in my Kindle from eLectio authors, which include works from Parker J. Cole, Kathleen Hewitt, Chad Thomas Johnston, Maddy Lederman and Amanda Romine Lynch.  I’m going to tell you something now that you may not believe, but something that is genuinely true: I have enjoyed each and every title that I’ve read in this group.  I really have! I trust that when eLectio releases a new book, it’s going to be a good, quality read.  I can’t tell you what it means to be included in this group and to have authors I respect as my peers. It’s a blessing, one I thank God for.  One I thank eLectio for.  And one that I am grateful for!

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