Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Stacey’s childhood is innocent and sweet.  She is a simple girl who has good manners and makes good grades in school.  Her mother can be hard on her, but only because she wants Stacey to be her very best. 

Stacey’s heart belongs to her father.  Although he is a very busy man, and gone often, while he is at home he makes her feel like she is the most important girl in the world.  He is always still in his work tie as he plays with her and reads her fairy tales, but she doesn’t mind.  She twirls his tie with her fingers as she uses his chest for a pillow while he tells stories, always animated and making up the funniest voices as he reads.  He is her hero.  Stacey believes her dad is the very best there is, and often prays he can spend less time at work and more time with her.

Fast forward five years.  Stacey is a teenager in her junior year of high school.  She is sad, withdrawn, lonely.  She finds comfort in the attention of the boys that tell her she is pretty.  She gives herself away to them in the hopes that it will make them love her.  She has a hole in her heart that came to be at the age of 12, when her father left.  There had been no warning that he was going.  Stacey had come home from school to find her mother weeping at the kitchen table and her father’s belongings gone.  He left without explanation.  He left without saying goodbye.  And what hurt Stacey the most was that he never came back to visit and never called.  It was if he had never loved her at all.  Now she would seek a different kind of love to make herself feel wanted.

Fast forward ten years.  Stacey’s life has continued on even though at times she felt it wasn’t possible.  She is able to meet and trust a good man.  She may even be able to have the kind of life she always wanted, if she could just get past the guilt.  She is holding something inside…a secret that haunts her and makes her feel unworthy of love.  She also carries the weight of resentment toward her father, the man she blames for her mistakes that led to the ultimate mistake of her life.

Now she knows she cannot be weighed down by this hurt anymore.  The pain is destroying her on the inside while she tries to hide it on the outside.

What are the steps Stacey needs to take to begin healing?  Is it possible to move on?  Find out on April 8th, when Absolved is released and available for purchase.

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