Sunday, April 17, 2011

10,000 words...a good dent...

Worked a bit on the book, which is untitled and will be for a while I think.  I've had a few ideas, but nothing seems to fit yet.  If anyone ever reads this blog, I would hope they would also go on to read my book, so I won't be sharing everything that the book entails.  But I will share little tidbits here and there.  It's fiction, it's written from a female perspective (because they say "write what you know" and well, that is the perspective I know) and it has a major theme of forgiveness.  My main character did something that I hate almost more than anything in this world.
And that is all I will share about that for now.
I need to get back to it.  My kids are sleeping and I am going to write a bit more as I enjoy a cold beer I just opened.  Then it's bed time for me as well. 

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