Friday, April 29, 2011

13,800 words and my kids won't let me write

As I type this my youngest is in my arms.  For some reason, lately, my kids aren't going to bed on time.  For the past few nights it's been rough and by the time they are finally asleep I want to be asleep as not a lot of work is getting done on the book.  Not that I'm not thinking about it, because I am.  It's on my mind a lot.
The kiddos, though, they are the priority.  Always will be.  I have to admit my frustration gets me sometimes, but then all it takes is for the little one to smile at me or the oldest to say "Mommy, look!" as she holds up a paper she scribbled on with crayon and my worries go away.  I know taking care of them is my most important work.
Can I get this thing written before my kids are grown??  I have to believe I can.  :)

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