Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Save the date of April 8th!

I've officially signed a contract with eLectio Publishing.  The tentative release date for my book is April 8th, 2014. 

The website for eLectio Publishing is

The title of my book is Absolved.  Can you guess by that title that it has a major theme of forgiveness?  Well, it does.  I believe my book will appeal to anyone who has ever struggled with the concept of forgiving and moving on from past grief and hurt. 

I do hope you'll check it out.  It will be available to purchase in paperback from my publisher's site after the release, but I believe the easiest way to purchase will be on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or iTunes. 

I do want to write more right now.  However, an almost two year old is currently screaming.  Of course.  I will be back again soon. 

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