Monday, November 25, 2013

Sick kids, and the new book.

Literally, as I type right now, a 22 month old is asleep on me.  It has been a rough few days for our family.  Diarrhea, vomiting, fevers.  This little one had diarrhea eleven times today.  Eleven.  So we are checking her throughout the night to be sure she isn't doing it in her sleep...and of course the last time I checked her, she woke up.  She wanted to be held and I can't blame her so I just brought her in the living room with me. 

Before that, I was working on my second book.  I'm just over 3500 words.  It's called The Consequence, and it is about a relationship that gets turned upside down by infidelity.  I'm really enjoying writing it.  I do still hope I can finish this one in under a year, but days like today, I doubt my timeline.  I am, afterall, taking care of my four children full time.

I do hope with all my heart I am able to one day call writing a source of income for my family.  To be paid for what I enjoy, that is the dream, right?  I just also have to say at the same time, however, that being a mother is enough. 

Even on these days when I'm cleaning up after sick kids, I am grateful for them.  I understand how great a privilege it is to be a parent.  I do not take it lightly, and they will never take a back seat to anything I do, and this includes writing. 

So.  If I have to stay up late to write, and it takes another three years to write a short book, so be it.

My sick baby is awake.  I will blog again later.

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