Sunday, December 29, 2013

My new facebook account, and why my dog is a hero today.

You know what feels strange?  Setting up a facebook author page.  At the request of my publisher I did this recently.  It’s very bare right now, but it exists.  I understand this is an important marketing tool.  I am just not that skilled when it comes to social media, so it isn’t at all an easy process for me.  As of right now I have a total of zero likes.  Will you help me change that?  I promise it won’t always be such a boring page.  As my release date gets closer I’m sure I will have more to fill it with.  You can find this at 

And yes, I also set up a twitter account after I signed my publishing contract.  If you happen to be there, follow me! @christydecker83

My latest writing news is that my second book is nearly at 13,000 words.  I had a rough couple of weeks that included my husband, children, and I getting the flu, or that word count would be higher.  This is the first year in probably a decade that I didn’t get my flu shot.  Lesson learned.  

In very random news, some type of unknown predator tried to kill my chickens this morning, but was unsuccessful.  I have our dog Achilles to thank for this.  We had a massacre that involved a raccoon in the past.  This had to be a cat that got into our yard…or perhaps a hawk swooped down and tried to hurt a chicken?  As I said, I can’t be sure.  All I know is that around 8 am it sounded like a chicken was dying. (You will just have to trust that this is a very distinctive sound.)  I immediately let Achilles out and it quieted down.  I went outside, saw a bunch of feathers, and thought for sure at least one chicken was dead.  I couldn’t find them all.  The chicken that lost a few feathers is fine, the other chickens had hidden but are also okay, and whatever was in our yard was scared off by Achilles.  He was given some extra bacon treats today.  Thanks, Achilles.

Now I must take advantage of the quiet in my home and get to working on The Consequence.  I’ll be around for another blog post before too long.


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