Saturday, December 14, 2013

Update on book #2, and what I'm reading now.

I really am trying to update this blog more now.  Obviously it isn't easy to find the time.  I also still really need to write the acknowledgements for Absolved, and send it to my publisher.  I've just been so anxious to work on my second book that when I find the time to write, it is all that I work on.

"The Consequence" is now over 10,000 words.  Oh, it made me smile to hit this mark.  At this rate I will definitely have it finished before a year...maybe even half that time if I can keep this up!  It has still been fun to write, so I think I can. 

Tonight I was able to sneak in a little over 200 words while my husband and kids watched a Disney movie.  It's nice to get work done before they sleep, this way, I can get some rest too!  As I've written in a previous blog, the majority of my writing is done at night while they sleep.

Alright.  I wanted to start sharing the books I read with you all.  I recently finished "Edna in the Desert", by Maddy Lederman.  It was released by my publisher, eLectio Publishing.  I recommend it, it's light-hearted, and made me laugh.  It is a story of a 13-year-old girl with an attitude problem that is sent to live in the desert with her Grandparents to help straighten her out.  If you're interested, check it out!

Now I've just begun "To Sense Worth" by .EF Clark.  I bought this from The Book Spot in Round Rock, it is a signed copy.  (By the way, The Book Spot is also going to be selling my book, so you should check them out if you're close by!)  This book is really interesting.  It is a story told from the perspective of a penny minted in 1909.  Check this one out too!

You know what I am going to do now?  Watch some television with my husband.  So....this is it for now.

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